Poetry Slam

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before."

Neil Gaiman

Check out the 2021 poems and leave some positive, thoughtful and helpful comments.

Keen for more? check out this slide deck for holiday poetry ideas.

Welcome to the second annual Ako Hiko poetry slam...

Please check out the top introduction video and if you want to dig into poetry even more watch the TedEd video.

Poetry Slam.webm

learn - ako

Watch some of these videos from some inspirational poems and performances.

Poems with an introduction - to be used by teachers after viewing the content themselves.

poem starts at 3 min

poem starts at 4 min 17 sec

Now learn about some of the different forms of poetry.

create - hanga

Creative your poem using one of the styles featured above OR make your own type of poem completely.

Use Screencastify to record a performance of your video.

You could even get real fancy and create an animation to go along with your recital (reading) of the poem (like in Paper People)

screencastify basics.webm

share - tohatoha

Post your creation on your blog if you have one. Then fill in this Google Form to share your poem (if you don't have a blog you can still fill in this form).

Then check out some other people's poems on this Google Sheet. You can leave them a quality blog comment.