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Ako Hiko Distance Leanring Workshops

This is the slide deck for the 2020 Term 3 workshops on Google Sites, Google Meet and Hāpara Teacher Dashboard.

Recordings of workshops from earlier in the year can be found here.

This is the go to document for distance learning.

Limit the Links: The Manaiakalani Programme response to Social Distancing

Things To Think About

Keep things simple. Think about what your priorities are and do them well. Use Google Meets to connect with your students, not teach all your content.

Some of the most successful activities during distance learning have been ones that involve the whole whānau.

How do you plan to encourage collaboration so that students are staying connected?

Make sure lessons are robust enough, with clear instructions so that they can be completed independently. Screencastify can be used for longer instructions.

Are learners motivated and will they stay engaged? Commenting on student blogs is one way to keep engagement up.

How will you check in on students' wellbeing?

Give lots of opportunities to create rather than just consume. Remember that not everything has to be online. This is a great opportunity to think outside the box!

Google Meet

Top Tips:

-Use your Ako Hiko login (see your lead teacher) to set up a Meet that you can link to an image of you like this.


-Use a nickname (see the YouTube video) if you want to use your school domain and not have to worry about links. Pros and cons of the two options are here.

-Ctrl + d will mute / unmute your mic.

-Make sure you record the sessions and that you're the last one to leave.

-Make sure students have their back to a wall so you don't see into their homes too much.

Manaiakalani Using Google Hangout Meet
Google Meet - split screen.webm

How to split your screen on a Chromebook.

Meet Recordings onto Site

How to put Google Meet recordings on your class site.

Google Meet - Spotlight.webm

How use spotlight to make the presenter's screen bigger.


Top Tips:

-Have you checked your class site, by going incognito, to see if all your docs etc are visible (no 'you need permission' pages)?

-Can students easily get to their learning in a few clicks

-Are you visible on your site so that students feel connected to their teacher? e.g. Screencastify videos

Here are some examples of how class sites could look during distance learning.

Teacher Dashboard

Top Tips:

-If students haven't filed work you can see it through > sharing > display unshared files

-Check what comments students are receiving via Dashboard > More > Comments

Other useful information

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