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Check out these new lessons for bloggers who are looking to give their posts a boost and hopefully get more views and comments.

Blogger Of The Week

This learner gets a visit from Manu, our Ako Hiko blogging mascot designed by Daniel @ Waikowhai Primary School.

Blogging @ Ako Hiko

Blogging supports and makes sense of ‘Learn, Create, Share’ for learners in Ako Hiko classes. Ako Hiko learners in 1:1 digital environments have personal blogs as a supported online space to:

Hay Park Blogging.mp4

Individual students blogs are linked from class blogs

Blogging Resources

Thanks to Latham and Nicola from Toki Pounamu

Thanks to Pt England School

You can find class and student blogs across the whole of the Manaiakalani Network and search by cluster, school, student or topic on the Network Blogging Site.

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