Poetry Slam

Welcome to the third annual Ako Hiko poetry slam...

learn - ako

Choose one (or as many as you like) of these Summer Learning Journey activities that will teach you about different types of poems.

Did all these during the Summer Learning Journey?

Check out this slide deck for more poetry ideas.

create - hanga

Use Screencastify to record a performance of one of your poems from the ako section. Here are some examples to give you some ideas...

screencastify basics.webm

Bonus Challenges:

Make an animation in Google Slides and use Screencastify to record your poem over the top. A bit like Paper People by Harry Baker.

Get outside and use Screencastify to record yourself doing a bit of acting while you perform your poem. A bit like Rob Auton performing Leaves.

Use Incredibox or Chrome Music Lab to create some backing music as you perform your poem. A bit like Tribe One.

share - tohatoha

Post your creation on your blog if you have one. Then fill in the Google Form to share your poem (if you don't have a blog you can still fill in this form).

Then check out some other people's poems on the Data Studio link. You can leave them a quality blog comment.